Reasons To Avoid Diet Sodas While Dieting - How Do You Lose Weight

Reasons To Avoid Diet Sodas While Dieting

Although nowadays there are lots of diet soda drinks that claim they can help people lose weight, this is not true at all. Diet sodas have never been good for a dieter, as they are simply unhealthy. When you are trying to lose weight and you are on a diet, the most important thing to do is to eat healthy, and diet sodas are not really in the category of healthy drinks. However, many people continue to drink them.

The truth is that these drinks do not add extra calories to your diet. On the other hand, they do not add any nutrient value either, which they should, as people on a diet need their nutrients. These drinks are only high in chemical additives and sodium, so they are not recommended at all. The sodium in them results in water retention, which in turn determines weight gain. Therefore, the only liquid that you should consume while trying to lose weight is water.

In addition, diet sodas use artificial sweeteners. If you intake too many of these drinks, the sweeteners in them will increase the risk of you developing diabetes. Furthermore, one interesting thing that is not so well known about artificial sweeteners is that they make people crave real sugars, as the human body cannot be fooled so easily. Therefore, instead of helping people reduce their intake of calories, diet sodas make them crave for more and more calories than they would if they drank water or juices made from fruits or vegetables. All in all, the artificial sweeteners and the chemical compounds in diet sodas should make you give up these drinks all together and replace them with plain or sparkling water.