Top 3 Proven Diets - How Do You Lose Weight

Top 3 Proven Diets

Although nowadays most diets are in fact businesses meant not to help people lose weight, but determine them to spend money trying, there are three diets that have proven efficient in time. Their secret is that they mix a balanced meal plan with a balanced lifestyle.

One of the well-known diets that works properly is called The Sonoma Diet and is based on power foods. These are represented by foods original from Latin America, the Mediterranean countries and Asia. Among them there are whole grains, almonds, tomatoes, grapes, bell peppers, spinach, blueberries and olive oil. The creator of this diet stated that the reason for which this works is because it focuses on enjoying foods and therefore motivates people to stick to the plan.

Another effective diet is The South Beach Diet that recommends eating only good proteins, fats and nutrients, plus exercise as often as possible. This diet is flexible and very simple, as it emphasizes nutrient value and the consumption of functional foods that are able to provide energy and at the same time to moderate cravings. Some of the foods this diet is based on are seeds and nuts, cheese and dairy products, plus fruits and starchy vegetables combined with some meats. The diet is divided into three separate phases that can really shape an entire lifestyle.

Lastly, The Zone Diet is efficient as well, although it seems a little bit far-fetched, as it does not forbid the consumption of any foods. This diet involves the intake of a balanced fat, protein and carbohydrate ratio and its purpose is of controlling the insulin production of the human body and therefore the weight loss that people are in need of in order to have a healthier life.